Big Vision Thinker


Big vision thinker and focused executor. Coach and team player. Change agent and calculated risk-taker. Challenger and inspirer. These are some of the effective contradictions that describe Bruce Hershey. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Bruce for 4 years and reporting to him for 2 as his Director of Special Occasion Marketing for Men's Wearhouse and Moores. Within that period, I was able to observe firsthand how he transformed the Men's Wearhouse and Moores brands with his deep understanding of all aspects of marketing (from advertising, creative, storytelling and promotions to social media, mobile and the digital space) and his obsession with putting the customer first. Under his leadership and inclusive approach to getting things done, the Special Occasion Marketing Team has launched the most compelling Wedding and Prom campaigns in years that are informed by data and consumer insights, and powered by flawless execution. I am very proud of everything I was able to accomplish since joining Bruce's team and as I embark upon the next stage of my career, I have to give him credit for helping mold me into the marketer I am today. Under his leadership and mentorship, I’ve observed firsthand how he approached strategic thinking, relationship building, client management, and other key skills that are important for success in this industry. And finally, he's taught me that every brand has a story and it’s how you choose to tell that story that matters most. - Angelique Marquez-Salomone, Head of Marketing at PLAE

Huge Asset


I initially had the opportunity to work with Bruce when he was our agency account executive at Merkle, leading our K&G mobile marketing efforts. Years later, when I had the opportunity to hire a new VP of Marketing I was lucky enough to convince Bruce to make the move from Florida to join me in California at Tailored Brands. As my VP of Marketing, Bruce reported directly to me and helped manage our Men's Wearhouse, Moores and K&G brands. In the several years we worked closely together at Tailored Brands I found him to be a passionate, motivating marketing leader who was personable, engaging, and well-liked by his team. Bruce is especially adept at driving organizational process and design. He was a huge asset to me as we restructured our team following the acquisition and turn around of Jos. A. Bank and helped the team maintain a positive attitude through a difficult time of change management. I truly consider Bruce to be more of a friend then a professional colleague but I still hope to have another opportunity to hire Bruce again so we can work together in the future. If that opportunity doesn't present itself, I would highly recommend him to any organization. - Matt Stringer, CMO at Affordable Care

Genuine Partner


There just isn't one word to describe Bruce. He's a marketer, creative spark, idea challenger and genuine partner...and lastly a client. He's never on the other side of the table, rather right by our side, always in the thick of things helping make the work better, smarter and stronger. And he listens...he is not afraid to be wrong, as much as he tends to be right. Net: I've had lots of clients in my career, but very few partners like Bruce. If you summed up the way we work together in a manual called "How To Kick Lots of Ass In Business While Having Fun Doing it", it would be a best-seller.- Con Williamson, President/COO at EP+Co

Go Above and Beyond


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bruce Hershey as a direct report for two years at Jos A. Bank.,driving the marketing strategy. I’ve been fortunate to have worked with Bruce, a leader who’s not only interested driving results but also in his employees’ professional growth and development. Bruce led the marketing strategy for Jos A. Bank and together we launched several products that drove top line sales and overall growth for the brand in 2017-18. Bruce is a leader that will go above and beyond to not only drive business results, but also be available to his team. He’s the kind of executive that will roll up his sleeves and do they hard work as well as build solid partnerships with other executives. The ability to manage up, across and down is a rare skill that takes years to hone. Bruce is one of the best I’ve ever seen. As an executive leader, Bruce earns my highest recommendation and any company would be fortunate to have him. - Randy Wells, Sr. Brand Manager Jos A Banks

Bringing the Teams Together


Bruce is a unique leader with a ton of positive energy and optimism. He is really good at bringing the teams together and maintain his calmness while solving the problems under pressure. He has stepped up as an interim CMO when our marketing organization needed a leader. He is a great partner and a good listener. I wish him good luck with his next adventure. - Chaitanya Pallapothula,

Senior Vice President, Omni-Channel Technology at Tailored Brands, Inc.

Bold and Driven


It has been both a pleasure and honor to have had Bruce as my boss for the last year and a half. Bruce is a marketing leader who's not only strategic, bold and driven, but truly knows how to bring teams together to motivate and empower them. Bruce is a man who gets things done, constantly challenging himself and his teams to push beyond the status quo while fostering growth and ownership. This helped drive quick, dramatic and much needed shifts in our brand marketing, strategies, processes and morale, leading to positive business results. Most importantly, he always has his teams backs, providing in-depth mentorship and support with a warm heart and infectious humor. I will miss Bruce's coaching, which helped me grow in every way as a leader and thinker. He will be a huge asset to whatever he takes on next! - Jen West, Creative Director, Men's Wearhouse

Real Passion


I have had the pleasure of working in partnership with Bruce for the past 3 years and I could not ask for a better partner than Bruce. He is a strategic, smart and driven marketer who constantly raised the bar on success, challenged me to think outside the box, and demanded first class, innovated ideas to further his business. Bruce brings real passion to every working relationship and is a joy to work with. His motivation was contagious as it made me want to deliver success with each and every program. I truly enjoyed working with Bruce each and every year.- Robyn St. Germain, Director XO Group

Digitally Savvy


I have had the distinct privilege of working together with and on behalf of Bruce Hershey and he's without exception one of the brightest minds in the digital marketing arena. Bruce is hard working, passionate and driven to achieve great results and success has followed him at each step of his career journey. I've been personally impressed by many of Bruce's accomplishments. He's worked on the agency side of things and his clients adore him because he's always a partner in their success. Likewise, he's worked on the brand side and charted quite a success story. To that end, I have particularly been impressed by the work that he's done at Tailored Brands. In a fairly short period of time, he's dramatically elevated their brand messaging and revitalized the messaging on their ad campaigns. While I'm fortunate to know many exceptionally talented marketing leaders, I'd put Bruce atop the stack because he's digitally savvy and analytically focused. Without hesitation, I'd hire Bruce in an instant because I know that great results would follow. - Mike Ricci, Master Principle Solutions at Oracle

100% Original


"In a world where far too many people are the same, Bruce Hershey is a 100% original. He is without a doubt one of the smartest people in marketing I know which is truly saying a lot. His vast knowledge & experience offer a very rare blend of strategy, branding, leadership, storytelling, customer experience, digital marketing, operations and on and on. Bruce is innately able to utilize all of this while generating maximum revenue, which of course is the ultimate goal. Oh yeah, he also happens to be one of the finest people I know, as well. Bruce Hershey is a rare breed indeed." - Steve Olenski, CMO Whisperer, Oracle

Modern Day Marketer


I've gotten to know Bruce both personally and professionally after having met at an industry event a few years ago. I continue to enjoy our regular conversations to share ideas, thoughts, and in the process learn from Bruce's expertise and passion as a modern day marketer. Besides his approachable style, he also happens to be well-read and in tune with cultural trends. He would be an asset to any team. - Robert Chin, CEO at Aquilini Brands

Mobile Expert


I have been aware of Bruce in the mobile industry for about 7 years. He has always had a solid reputation for being a straight shooter and I have always heard good things about him..   When Bruce came to Vibes, we struck up an instant rapport and became fast life long friends. I would put him in my top 10 list in the mobile industry for his knowledge, ability, commitment, focus and drive, but he also couples it with respect, integrity and an excellent sense of humor.  He is a great guy and I enjoyed working with him at Vibes and hope to continue to do so in the future! - John Glennon CRO at Vibes

Transformational Marketer


I had the privilege of working with Bruce Hershey for just under 2 years as lead strategic planner on The Men's Wearhouse / Moores business, during his tenure as VP, Head of Marketing. In partnership with his AOR, EP+Co, Bruce successfully transformed The Men's Wearhouse's approach to marketing and achieved incredible hard business and soft branding results. Bruce's ability to collaborate with his creative agency, is second to none. His appetite for making bold strategic decisions and keeping his team focused makes Bruce a great ally to agencies and a secret weapon for businesses. Bruce is a true believer in the power of creativity and I look forward to working with him again one day. - Emily Rule, VP of Strategy at EP+Co. 

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